Oklahoma meets Chile

Making Country Music at the end of the world

Paz Vidal was born in the north of Chile, South America, and currently lives in Santiago, where she is focused in recording her first country singles, along with author Mila Scott and Frank Jacket,from Chile, as well as Tony Garviz, from Mexico. 

Paz is also part of Magic Tribute Band, along with musicians Jorge Kolbach and Carlos Muñoz, where she performs a tribute to Olivia Newton-John, who started her career in country music. Needless to say, ONJ's country hits is what Paz enjoys singing the most. 

Paz started singing at a young age, mostly encouraged by her grandfather, who was also a musician. She lived in Sapulpa, a little town in Oklahoma, as an exchange student. During her time there, she was introduced to country music by her host grandparents, and she was part of the High School choir. Simultaneously, she took private voice lessons with a local teacher and performed in various talent shows. She fell in love with country living, line dancing, and both classic and modern country music. Her style is influenced by artists such as Patsy Cline, Tanya Tucker, Faith Hill, Crystal Gayle, Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood and many more. 

After coming back to Chile, Paz initiated a singing career that includes being a backup singer in TV shows, singing at restaurants, clubs and events, and being part of 80s music local bands such as Flashback  and DeLorean.

In 2019, Paz came across a very active country music lovers' community in Argentina, and she decided to cross the Andes to meet them and participate in Las Flores, Cars, bikes and Country Music Festival. She was invited to perform with Deep South, a country western and southern rock Argentinean band. She was scheduled to travel to Buenos Aires in April 2020 to perform in another festival organized by AMCA and Cowboys Up in La Josefina, however, the pandemic situation forced her to a change of plans. She hopes to be able to participate in other events in Argentina once we are able to hold massive  events again in the future. Meanwhile, she will continue recording and releasing her singles. 

So far, Paz has released Understood, with romantic and heartbroken lyrics by Mila Scott, which talks about falling out of love and realizing one was in a dead-end relationship. Frank Jacket added his country magic to this piece, with crying violins and his classic country music touch. 

In May, Truest Love was released, specially for Mother's Day. Scott wrote some beautiful and heartfelt lyrics for her mother, and Frank Jacket once again added his wonderful music to honor all mothers through Paz Vidal's interpretation. 

In late May, she released Let Go, With lyrics by Mila Scott and music by Frank Jacket that will probably touch many hearts, with a story most of us have lived. 

The latest of Paz’s musical projects is a joint venture with Mexican composer and producer, Tony Garviz, whose songs Love you Under the Moonlight and I'm an Outlaw explore a more contemporaneous style. 

In the near future, once massive events are allowed once again, and traveling is safe, Paz hopes to be able to perform in festivals and sing before a live audience of country music fans who have been following her career from Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and other countries.

Her managers, Hernán Busnelli and Eduardo Sammartino manage her career from Argentina and are busy promoting this beautiful music genre and creating spaces for it in Latin America.

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